Unhappy student gets hanged in hostel, repeatedly fails, notes can not bear the pressure of B.Sc.


Yamunanagar A student of DAV College of Yamuna Nagar, on Wednesday and Thursday night, sued to death in the hostel room. The student repeatedly was upset about failing in the BSc. During suicide she was alone in the room, the girls living with her had gone home. The police has taken action against the family members and handed over the body.
According to the information received, the student of UP student girl was doing BSc from DAV college of Yamunanagar. On Wednesday and Thursday, the image was lonely in its room. He was sued by hanging the curtain. Hostel Warden Anjana Devi informed her to the police.
Police reached the spot and brought the body down, the family members of the image were informed. A suicide note has also been received from the image. In it he wrote that he can not bear the pressure of the BSc, due to this he is suicide. ASI of Rampur Chauki, Lakhwinder Singh said that after registering the statement of the family members, they handed over the body to the body of 174. The deceased had not told anyone responsible for suicide.

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