The body was found hanging in a police station in Delhi. Some serious allegations against the police.


In the case of hanging in police custody in Karwalal police station, Deepak’s family has alleged that the police …

Deepak’s family has alleged that the police died due to the third degree torcher. He was later hanged from the trap. Divyaung Chacha Shyamsundar of Deepak has alleged that he was also held hostage when he was in police station to get his news. Shyam has also accused of beating himself. The senior police officer of the district is refusing all charges of Shyam. They say that Deepak was a fugitive criminal. The police was doing its duty. He hanged himself before the court in the court.

Deepak’s Buaa Rajbala told that on Monday, Shyam was asked to go to Deepak Court on Monday. Before the court in the court SI Sandeep forced him to the police station forcibly. Bring it here and badly beat it At around 3.00 the policemen had called Shyam to bring the lamp’s clothes.

Rajbala has alleged that Shyam, who took clothes, was also arrested by the police personnel forcibly in the police station. When he talked about getting sick and going home, he was badly beaten. Shyam called his sister Rajbala, then she was released at six o’clock. Later Shyam and Rajbala came back home after feeding the lamp. When Rajbala tried to meet Deepak in the night, he was driven away from the police station.

दिल्ली के एक थाने में शव लटका हुआ मिला

Rajbala has accused the police personnel of demanding money. At around 8.00 in the morning, Shyam told the police station that the lamp was taken to the court. He can meet him in the court. The family was present at home. Meanwhile, at around 2.00 pm, a local leader was sent to Shyam’s house to be hanged in Deepak’s police station. After that police reached the police station and asked to go to GTB Hospital. The relatives have demanded strict action against the guilty after seeing Deepak’s body beating him badly.

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