Terrorists caught in Canada: Shingar cinema explosion and target killing case


Bathinda (Punjab). On Sunday, during the visit of Canada’s PM Justin Trudo to India, Captain Amarinder Singh handed him over to the top of the list of Canada-based Sikh militant and the chief of Khalistan Tiger Force, Hardeep Nijjar, with the help of Interpol on Monday. Were caught in Canada However, after questioning he left it. Agencies claim that every move will be monitored on them. The NIA had issued a Red Corner Notice against Nijjar after registering an FIR about a week ago. Acting on this basis.

Vintage is in many cases including the Shingar Cinema Blast

Nigjar’s search was on in several cases including funding to the terrorists who were caught in the Shingar Cinema Blast of Punjab Police, the leader of the national Sikh community of Patiala Rudda Singh Murder Case, Nurpur Bedi. NIA also took the role of Terrorist Nijjar in the murder of RSS leader Ravinder Gosain who was killed in Ludhiana along with 5 Hindu leaders.

3 Red Corner Notice, action taken after Trudeo-Captain meeting

The Red Corner Notice was issued three times on November 2014, 23 January 2015 and 14 March 2016 on Nijjar Kere. But the action has been done after the list handed out to Trudo by the Captain.

Before 1995, milk was sold in Jalandhar.

Hardeep Singh Nijjar (37) resident of Bhal Singh village, Jalandhar, sold milk in the village before 1995. But joining the terror wave in Punjab, he fled to Canada and took the town by staying ISI Pakistan-based Khalistan Tiger helping terrorist organizations Force in Surrey. She has been active since 2005.

In these cases was searching
14 October 2007: Also included in blasts in the Shingar cinema of Ludhiana. It killed 6 people.
21 April 2010: Hardeep’s hand in planning for the assassination of Rulda Singh, leader of the national Sikh community.
13 February 2015: Terrorist module from Canada for the purpose of targeting Hindu leaders in Noorpurbadi.
24 May 2016: An FIR is lodged in Hindu Killing of Hindu leaders in Ludhiana. Nijjar also funded its funding.

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