Roadways union again extended strike for three days, including electric staff


Panipat / Chandigarh The strike on Haryana Roadways has been extended further on the seventh day. A decision to increase the strike for three days in the meeting of Roadways Coordination Committee organized in Ambala has been taken. Both the roadways union and the government are engaged on their own demands, due to which the general public is facing problems. On Sunday, the employees of the power department have also gone on strike since Sunday night in support of the roadways strike. The Haryana State Electricity Board Workers Union has announced an indefinite strike. This can affect power supply.

Earlier, on Sunday, the sixth day of the strike, the talks between the officials of the government and the roadways union were also unexpected. In the 4 hours of 5 rounds, only the drama and the ruckus took place. But it was not agreed to relieve the general public. If the government continued to talk about the process of tender process of private buses, the workers remained firm on the insistence of canceling tenders. It is being told that the leaders of the Roadways Union had gathered in the planning ahead since the September 5 strike. Attend employees’ support in every city and depot for the strike. This has created the ground for the second biggest strike so far.

At the same time, the government did not back up the drivers and conductors of the time. Now during the strike, even if the senior leaders of the Union remained in the Underground and were sending messages to the employees, then the second line of leaders sat in the jail while giving their messages in jail. If the situation worsened, the government called for talks on the sixth day, in which no solution could be found.

Meeting of 5 rounds, staff and government stick to their insistence
In the Sector-17 of Chandigarh, there was a 5-round meeting of the Union officials and officers in the office of Director General of Transport Department. Before reaching the meeting, union officials organized a strategy in Ambala. Arrived for the meeting at around two o’clock in the afternoon. While at 12 o’clock was called. First sent to Second Line officials. Because it was fear that do not arrest me.

First round: 2:40 pm
Union office arrived for the meeting. Here DG Pankaj Agarwal, Additional Director Virendra Dahiya and Samvatark Singh were present. There was discussion in both the sides. If the DG could not make any decision then the meeting ended at 4 o’clock.

Second round: 4:30 pm
CM’s Principal Secretary RK Khullar and Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) of Transport Department, Dhanpat Singh. After 10 minutes, the Employee Leader came out of a rage. DG and both the Additional Director came down to the floor and came down to the floor.

3rd round: 4:45 pm
Union officials called the media in. Whoever said that would be in front of the media. There was a lot of ruckus during this. The negotiation lasted till 5.52.

Fourth round: 5:50 pm
The media did not let in. At 6.30pm all came out. PS-2 CM spoke to anyone on the phone.

5th round: 6:40 pm
It was decided in the closed room that RK Khullar would give details to CM. The office bearer said that whenever the minister and CM will call for talks, they will go today. Finishing the meeting at 6:50.

Arguments of unions – Big scandals in the tender of buses, cancellation and scrutinize the officials say – If there is any discrepancy in the investigation then cancel the tender
Harinarayan Sharma: First tenders of 510 buses can be canceled, then investigations and action of the culprit. Re-renderer
Khullar: We will investigate first and then cancel the tender.
Dalbir Kirmara: Have you got 53 men for 720 buses? They were your loved ones and meet. There is a big scandal in the tender.
Khullar: When you say that, you take a look at it. If there is a disturbance, then cancel the tender. You are saying that Rs 20-22 in other states Buses are running per km. There are still 190 tenders for buses, you bring the agencies. If this happens then cancel the tender.
ACS Dhanpat Singh: I am an employee too. 130 crore rupees are being spent on employees overtime Salary is being paid up to Rs. 65 thousand per person. As soon as he said this, a ruckus started.
Dalbir Kiramara: The strike is taking place due to the ACS. It does not happen if you first call and talk. Ministers also have buses, you release the list of owners of buses.
Khullar: Whether it is going to be settled or not, talk about it.
Syrabad Poonia: You have to run roadways buses. Do the survey that the public wants to sit in private buses or in government buses.
Responsible for our problems
Roadways Union: The first responsible roadway union is made for the problem of the general public from the strike. Their protest against the government is different, but it is not right to disturb the public for so many days. Any other way can be withdrawn from the government to make his point. It is always right to annoy the general public.
Government: The government has not made any plans for its upcoming since the strike on September 5. While the Union kept its work down-down When all the union came together, the government did not have any plans. Even today, the public is disturbed for 6 days, but the government has started efforts to convince union leaders on the sixth day.

What’s next: Relief still not available today
Preparation of Government: Roadways Department has recruited 35 to 50 drivers under every out-of-sourcing policy-2 in every district. Who will arrive in the depot on Monday. ACS Dhanpat Singh said that schools will not go down even if the buses will go away. The drivers who have been recruited will run the buses.
School-Colleges to be opened today: Buses from school-colleges will go back on Monday. Office opens after 3 days leave

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