Large disclosures made by accused of grenade attack : Amritsar


Sukhbir Singh Bajwa, Chandigarh Punjab is becoming a challenge for different Khalistan-based different organizations Punjab Police With the help of these organizations of Pakistan, ISI has once again tried to disturb Punjab. For this, the ISI has changed its way.


Terrorists are now using such weapons instead of pistols, to which the panic spreads. For this reason hand grenade was used in Ajnala. The Punjab Police has entrusted the responsibility of 9 officers to deal with the ways of the terrorists who have changed their ways. These include two DIGs led by ADGP Intelligence, three AIGs and three SPs.


Targeting the unemployed targets, giving money to lure money:

Police sources say that ISI is targeting the unemployed educated people in Punjab. Punjab Police officials say that this is the biggest challenge for them. Work is being done by giving such unemployed youth the lure of money. This is not the planning of ISI but organization of ISI. There are soft targets for such unemployed youth ISI, who are being used.


Work is done by different people: First ISI used to do all the work till the time of the payment of money from the payment of ISI money. Now they have started using different people for different tasks. Using the former terrorist organizations to carry out the crime, unemployed youths are being exploited by greed and religious sentiments of money.


Weapons are delivered through someone else and money is through someone else. Even now, instead of smuggling weapons from Pakistan, weapons are kept on the barracks, from where terrorists raise weapons.


Do not know the two men who carried out the war:

Assuming the police sources, ISI now makes Reiki out of somebody else and attacks from any other The youth who are Reiki from the same person, after the Reiki, the youths explain to the attacking youth how to attack them. According to him, the other youth attacked and attacked the place.


In this way different people involved in the incident do not know each other. The same was done in the attack of Ajnala. Bikramjit Singh, a bike runner, knew about the bike and the place of the incident, while the incarnation sitting behind was to throw a bomb, but he did not know where to throw. When Bikram told him, he reached there and threw a bomb.


This organization is about to set foot in Punjab:
Let the leaders of some terrorist organizations sitting in Pakistan for the last few years be on the verge of extending foot in Punjab. Similarly, many incidents were executed like this. Babbar Khalsa, Khalistan Liberation Force, Khalistan Zindabad Force, Babbar Khalsa International, Bhindranwala Tiger Force jointly joined ISI.


All of them are funding from Satell ex-terrorists in Italy, Canada, America, German, Australia, New Zealand, England. DGP Suresh Arora says that these ex-terrorists sitting in foreign countries want to spoil the atmosphere in Punjab.

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