Judge exam paper leak case: DGP considered to be present in high court- mistake by SIT


Chandigarh. DIG of Chandigarh, Tajidar Singh Luthra appeared in the court on Thursday after the SIT was found hanging in the paper leak case of the Haryana Civil Services (HCS) Judicial Branch. He admitted that it was a mistake and assured that this matter will now remain in his personal supervision. There will be no mistake in the future.

HCSE exam paper was sold for 1.5 crore

– Pingor lawyer lawyer Suman filed a petition in the High Court saying that the paper was sold in 1.5 crore of HCS examination and it was also offered to it. He also applied for the examination. For preparation, she has joined a coaching center. Here is her friendship with Sushila.

One day, she asked Sushila to get an audio clip attached to the lecture, which was given to the audio clip, in which Sushila was talking to another girl Sunita and talking about an appointment in 1.5 crore. Sushila also told six questions that were coming to the examination. On July 16, there is the same question in the question paper.

Sunita and Sushila join topper
– The High Court saw Sunita and Sushila’s result during the hearing and found that Sunita is the topper in General category and Sushila Reserve category. The High Court’s recruitment committee examined the case and it was discovered that former Registrar (recruitment) Balwinder Sharma and top candidate Sunita had 760 calls or SMS exchanges in a year.

Criminal gesture in the investigation of the accused: Court

The full bench of Justice Rajesh Bindal, Justice Rajan Gupta and Justice GS Sandhavalia said that this is the first case where the accused took call details of SIT. Being accused in this manner indicates collusion in the investigation. The bench asked the DGP whether the SIT is working under any pressure, the DGP denied it. The Bench said that the High Court is monitoring the investigation and the trouble in the investigation can be told to the court.

Lack of coordination with the Prosecution and Investigation Agency

– The High Court said that lack of coordination with the prosecution and investigation agency is clearly visible in this case. The officer lobbying SIT in the District Court did not understand the seriousness of the matter. This is the reason why appeals against statements of witnesses and call details have not been appealed.

– On February 22, the application for giving statement of statements and call details on April 10 was approved by the District Court. The SIT did not file an appeal against these decisions. It needs to be understood how the statements kept in the seal cover in front of the Magistrate in the continuation of the investigation have been provided to the accused.

DGP rescues SIT’s negligent officers

Q. What are you doing in the case of paper leaks?
A. We are investigating.
Q. What are the SIT doing negligence, what are you taking action on them?
A. You talk to SP Ravi Kumar about this.
Q. You have accepted yourself in the High Court that there has been a mistake in the investigation by the SIT. Why not act on the wrongdoing?
A. I do not brief the press. All this about you talk to SP only.
The SP who asked the SP to speak with the DGP
DGP Luthra is neither taking any action in this matter nor giving answers to the questions. They are just saying that talk to SP Ravi Kumar. But SP Ravi Kumar himself is in charge of the same SIT, whose high court’s finger was raised on the working day. They said that they are working under pressure. It seems that the SIT is the accused and the accused police.
These are in SIT
SP IPS Ravi Kumar, DSP Krishna Kumar and Inspector Poonam Dillari are part of the Special Investigation Team. The matter is being investigated under the supervision of them.

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