Jharkhand: Dustbin scam Local Bodies bought 4000 Dustbin for Rs 14000 in the state


Jamshedpur / Ranchi / Dhanbad.After the garbage scam in Jharkhand, now the trash was purchased in the dustbin purchased for garbage. Under the Sanitation Mission, the funds from the Center were used to spend all urban bodies on the preparation of the cleanliness survey. In the state, all the bodies including Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Dhanbad also made preparations. So much so that Dustbin was paid to companies three times more than the actual cost. The purchase of pole mounted dustbin worth Rs. 4 thousand in Ranchi has been done in Rs. 14500. At the same time, the purchase of same dustbun in Dhanbad, 6100 rupees and the purchase of dustbin of 150 liters in Jamshedpur has gone up to 13,300 rupees.

Dainik Bhaskar’s team examines three cities: Jamshedpur House Dustbin shopping has been done at many times more. Dainik Bhaskar’s team discovered surprise shopping in Ranchi, Jamshedpur and Dhanbad to find dustbins. Initial scrutiny showed irregularities in payment of 6.25 crore rupees. In many bodies, bought a dustbin on the basis of Jam Portal and DSND rate, but gave more rates. Dustbin was imposed without a quality check. If there is a thorough investigation of the dustbin purchased in all the bodies, then a big scam will emerge.

Jamshedpur: 3350 Dustbin, market price 88.82 lakh … pay 3.54 crores

Jamshedpur axis bought 3350 dustbin from Tirupati Sales, Reliable Enterprises and ACE Enterprises in 2016-17. Rs. 8500 was given to the dustbin of 1250. 3.53 Crore was paid to companies for dustbins worth 88.82 lakh market price

How much profit was made to the firm: 1000 Dustbin and 200 lbs of 200 liters (single) capacity from ACE Enterprises. (Double) buy 1500 dustbins of capacity. The market price is 76 lakh, the company has been given 2.82 crore.A total of 700 liters of dribbling of 100 liters and 150 liters (double) capacity from Tirupati Cells was purchased. Market price is Rs. 10.5 lakhs, company given 62.12 lakhs. 150 dribbins of 150 liters (single) capacity were taken from Reliable Enterprises. Market price is 2.32 lakh, but 9.91 lakh was paid.

Not all the three firm suspects, RTI also: Akshas did not give the names and addresses of the owners in the RTI regarding the three firms. A company called Reliable Enterprises is in Mango, it does business of medical cotton. Patna’s find of Tirupati Cells was found. No information was found for ACE Enterprises.

Investigation of the disturbance Shura: Jamshedpur SDM Saurabh Sinha said that investigations of the disturbances have been started. Jamshedpur has sought purchase papers from the area. At the same time, a special official of the Jamshedpur axis said that high-level investigation is underway. Are collaborating in the investigation.

Dhanbad: 4 million Dustbin bought for 28 lakhs … not even shared

For the house-to-house, 1000 blue and 1000 green little dustbins were purchased from a company in Sonipat. The cost of dustbin of 150-200 rupees was given by the municipal corporation of Rs. 1400. Dustbins worth 4 lakhs of market price were bought in 28 lakhs. Of these, only 400 dustbin were distributed in the ward-20. The remaining 1600 Ward-20 is located in the Babuhiwah marriage hall.

In 3 years, 4140 purchased dustbin, spent 2.19 crore: In three years, the municipal corporation spent 2.19 crore on dustbin. In addition to dustbins of houses, two types of, 1,000 ha of 11 thousand liter capacity and 1000 hanging dustbin of 150 liters capacity were purchased. Both suppliers were paid more than the market price in the same company.

Ranchi: Dustbin of 52 lakhs bought in Dustbinless city

Rourney became dustbill after the Door-to-Door West Collection was made mandatory. But for the cleanliness survey, Ranchi municipal corporation spent a total of Rs 52 lakhs on 360 pole-mounted litersin i.e. a litter bin 14,500. Market price is only 4000. Apex Company has also been paid 40 lakhs. Company representative Saurabh Kumar says that the order received from the tender process only.

The company’s only bin, hangar local market: Litterbine is of Nilkamal brand, but in the hangar it is made in Ranchi. This hangar is made in the market in 3000.

If there is no one rate, then the investigation will be done: Rude director Rajesh Sharma said that all the bodies had to make a purchase at the same rate. If the bodies have purchased dustbin at different rates, then it is serious. Will be investigated.

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