Ishaan was pushed by Farhan and Shruti by moving car


Bhopal :-The builder’s son, Ishaan was not junked by the moving car, but it was thrown out by Farhan and Shruti. After it was revealed in the investigation, the Chunbhatti police has now gone and tried to kill and curse the abduction of Farhana and Shruti along with others. STF is also looking for Jailbadar Farhan of Talaiya police station.

All the accused are absconding since the incident. Here, the STF has already arrested Farhana’s closest friend Rizwan, who had taken a drug deal in drug smuggling case a day earlier. With this, Farhan’s drugs connection has also begun to crack the police.
27-year-old Furhan father Mumtaz Mune, a resident of Gannnouri, along with Shruti, pushed Ishaan with a moving car. According to CSP Habibganj Bhupendra Singh, there is a serious injury in Ishaan’s head. She is undergoing treatment in a private hospital.

Due to lack of consciousness, his statements have not been made so far, but Ishaan has been confirmed to push the car with a moving car. This is the reason why the police has now made strenuous attempt to kill and kidnap against the other, including Farhan and Shruti after going through a two-day crackdown operation.


Farhan is districtbird … 8 cases registered in Talaiya police station: According to Talaiya police, Farhan body builds. There is a tea shop on his Kamala Park. There are about 8 cases, including attempted murder in Faraiyan Talaiya police station. After the police districtbirder is presented against him, the orders of his districtbirder have also been made, but till now the police has not given him notice. Before this, in February 2015, Farhan had come to the Raj Bhavan after shooting a crook named Shafiq. There was an old rivalry between them. After this, in April 2018, Pappu Chatta, a crook named Farhan, also shot a bullet. Pappu Chatta Jahangirabad is a bad scam.


Even after two days, Ishaan did not come to senses: Ishan’s father, Nannhalal, is waiting for the son to come to the senses for two days. He told that the eashan opens the eyes, but his eyes are closed before we say anything. After that, keep speaking anything, he does not answer. I have rented a land in Indore for that. He had prepared to start a project in it. After Diwali, it was to be sent there, but before that it happened. Here STF arrested Farhan’s friend Rizwan on Monday for drug trafficking case. According to information from STF, the activities of Farhan are also suspicious. From the catch of Rizwan, the strings have been added by Farhan too. Farhan’s father is a mechanic.


The police did not get the house of the Dabish, but found them: On Saturday night and Sunday, in the search of Farhan and Shruti, the police had interfered in their house, but they did not know anything. The family said that he has not come home since three days. Shruti has not reached home for three days. They are being searched all over the city. A video of Shruti Sharma was viral while beating the MBBS student Yash Lesson. This video came out after succumbing to Yash. After that the police had registered a case of inciting the student to suicide on Shruti and others. The police arrested him from Pune. Shruti Sharma’s father Satyanarayan Sharma is a former Secretary of the Assembly.


Only after the arrest of Farhan: Some will know: After the case has been brought up, with the help of Farhan and Shruti, others have attempted murder and curses of kidnapping. Both the accused are missing from their own home. Only after Farhan’s arrest will he know about his colleagues. The supervision of Farhan Talaiya police station is badass. He is a District Bench.

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