Indonesia Plane crash: Lion Air crash minutes after takeoff from jakarta


Jakarta :A passenger plane going to Penang from Jakarta, Jakarta, Jakarta, crashed into the sea 13 minutes after flying on Monday morning. Investigation and rescuers have expressed the hope that all the 189 people aboard the plane will be killed. These include 181 passengers, two pilots and six other crew members, including three children. Nearly two nautical miles (3.7 km) crashed into the Gulf of Karawang, due to the breakdown of the aircraft contact. 20 officials of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance were also in the plane. One of the two pilots of this plane was the Captain Grand Suneja of India. Rescuers have removed the body of many people from the sea. Among the dead is a citizen of Italy.


A day before the plane was technical fault

Edward Sath, CEO of the airline airline Lion Air, said that there was some technical failure in the plane on Sunday itself. Then the plane was coming from Denpasar to Jakarta. However, he made it clear that the engineers left the plane on Monday morning only after correcting the malfunction. Indonesia Air Navigation Officer Sindhu Rahu said during the press conference that after the flight of the pilot, the pilots sought permission to return, but immediately after the permission was received, contact with Air Traffic Control (ATC) Flight was broken.

This crash can be Indonesia’s biggest aircraft accident. Earlier in December 2014, 162 people died in Air Asia Flight CZ 8501 Crash. The aircraft, which was an accident, was Boeing 737 Max-8. In this one can travel 210 passengers at a time. The reason for the accident is not clear right now.

Plane was at a height of 5000 feet when the contact broke

In the data of Flydardar, a website that has information about flights from all over the world, Lion Air Flight JT-610 was shown local time around 6:20 in the morning, after 13 minutes of takeoff, lost over the sea. Before the disappearance, the plane had reached a height of 5000 feet, but after a while, its height continued to decline. Just before the breakdown of the aircraft, the aircraft was at an altitude of 3650 feet. At the same time, its speed was also increasing.

 Two months old was the plane

It is being described as the first accident of the Boeing 737 Max-8. Until 2016 this model was used only for commercial works. It was delivered to Lion Air in August. The pilots of the aircraft were also quite experienced. Both had the experience of blowing 11000 hours of flights.


Lion Air’s plane crashed in 2013

Lion Air is Indonesia’s affordable air service. In 2013, the Lion Air Flight crashed into the sea before landing at Angurah Roy International Airport in Bali. All 108 passengers aboard in it survived. In 2004, the plane, which was carrying Lion Air from Jakarta, crashed into the 538 Solo city. 25 people died in this.

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