If You Spit , be Prepared to give fine


Pune :-Here, those who spit in public places will have to clean their spit and also pay a fine of Rs. 150. This unique decision has been made by the Pune Municipal Corporation. Its purpose is to use gutkha and tobacco to rein in the spread of dirt.

Action taken on 150 people
In this episode more than 150 people have been taken into action on Saturday. This action has happened in Satara Road, Gangadham Chowk, Market Yard, Swami Vivekanand Chowk and Gawthan area of ​​the city. An official of the corporation said that the purpose of this campaign is to increase awareness of people about cleanliness and to teach discipline.

Deployed cleaners
Cleaning inspectors have been prepared to monitor the spread of dirt. They collect these fines and charge them Rs 150 for the same time. Fines will be increased in the coming time.

This rule is applicable in 5 wards
At present, this rule has been implemented in the form of trial in five wards of the city. These include Bibberian, Aundh, Yerwada, Kasba and Ghole Road.

Popular in social media
This effort of Pune Municipal Corporation is being highly appreciated in the social media. People are urging this to be implemented in the whole city soon. Let us know that Pune was ranked 10th in the country in this year’s Clean Cities Competition. The corporation has tried to bring it to the first place in the country.

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