Hostell Warden tried to misbehave with student in mohali


Mohali The students of the Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC), Ladaran, on Tuesday night, made the organ. First-class students told their senior that Sanjiv Kumar, the ward of the new hostel, called in the room and tried to do the wrong thing.

When all the students went to the room number-505 to talk to the warden, there was a lock. Students raised slogans against college management, warden. When the management did not say anything about the warden, the students started breaking the hostels’ glaze. Who showed up in front, broke it.


Sohna police arrived late night and told the SSP after seeing the fury. After this, the Inspector of Dera Bassi ASP Harmandeep Hans and many other police stations came here with his son. The accused took the wardens along with them and saved them from the students. Students pelted stones at the police.


At around two o’clock in the night, the wardens were taken to the police station near the management. After being given medical treatment at Phase-6 Civil Hospital in the night, he was produced in the court on Wednesday morning and sent to Patiala jail. The police has registered the case against the warden under section 342, 377, 506 and 511 of the IPC.


The victim’s affirmation … I thought as a father:
I have read a few months before Himachal. I live in the Basera Boys Hostel. On Tuesday evening at 7 am I was smoking cigarette outdoors outside the hostel campus. Warden came there. Talk: Let me tell you about the management. I was scared. While apologizing to the warden, he continued to apologize for not telling anyone anything.


Warden took me to the campus. Outside the management room, the wardens of the Basera hostels were found. Sanjeev told him that ‘the boy has become mischievous, brought him to frighten so that he is interested in studying. As soon as the second warden went, Sanjeev started to scold me. Said, save me from management but tell me your house. Let’s give your phone number to Papa.


Then Warden kept his hand on my head and said that you are like my children, give up this dirty work. After this Sanjeev asked me to go and I went straight to my room. At 11 o’clock on the phone Sanjeev phoned and said that in his room, there is no urgency to talk. When he went to his room, Warden caught me by the side and hugged him. Said you are my child Then on what to do on the neck and started to open my paint. I pushed him and told the whole thing to his senior on the 8th floor directly.


 Hardly pulled out the accused:

The ruckus was going on till around midnight on Tuesday night. A lot of police force was deployed at the campus. There was a danger to the police that the students warden did not kill Sanjeev. The police continued to try to calm the students, but they did not believe. At around two o’clock in the night, taking the warden with her near the management took her out. When they took him, the students killed stones on the police vehicle. Students sabotaged the hostels, furniture, washrooms and rooms.


Excluded from the job, will investigate:

College’s MD Satnam Sandhu told that at night it was revealed that the students had subversion. On Wednesday morning the campus went and talked to the students. It has been learned that the warden has tried to misbehave with one of the students. It has made an investigation team to know how much truth is there in it. Warden has quit the job. The whole of the matter will go to the bottom.

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