Health Department initiatives: 2.25 lakh children will get vaccinations for reducing death rate in the state


Rewari About 1575 infants die from pneumonia every year in the state. In view of this, about 2.25 lakh children of the state will be given vaccine for pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV-13) for the first time at a cost of about Rs 50 crores. Before this, these vaccines from the Health Department are being implemented in 12 districts of Jharkhand, Bihar, MP, UP and 9 districts of Rajasthan. Civil Surgeon and Vaccine Immunization Officers across the state have been given two days training in Chandigarh. If everything is okay then vaccination will start in the first week of September.

These vaccines are to be used for children up to one year

According to the Health Department’s 2015 report, 7 out of a thousand children die due to pneumonia. Talking about the state, on an average every year two lakh children are born.

12 years for the vaccine to reach government hospitals

PCV-13 and PCV-10 are two types of vaccine used to prevent pneumonia. In the 141 countries around the world, the use of this vaccine began 2000. The vaccine was available in private sector in India in 2006. The price of PCV-13 is about Rs 4000 in the private sector. Due to the high price, these vaccinations have taken 12 years to reach the government hospitals in the state. Please tell that this vaccine is made by a foreign company.

Will be effective in reducing infant mortality rate

On 12-13 July, Rewari Civil Surgeon Dr, who took 2 days training in Chandigarh. Krishna Kumar said that these vaccines will be installed for children up to a year. For the first time PCV-13 has been included in the vaccination list. Surely the infant mortality rate will decrease. Most deaths are due to pneumonia and diarrhea. The vaccine costing Rs 4 thousand will be levied free from the health department. At the same time, patients with pneumonia begin to complain about asthma and breath. In such cases, the prevention of diseases can also be done.

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