Dashi Maharaj case: Registration of school and college running in ashram has not been renewed for 3 years.


Pali. The problems of Madani Madan are not visible. On Friday, Women’s Commission President Suman Sharma conferred a press conference and gave the details of the ashram located near the place of Dati. He said that the Ashram’s officials could not show up to the NOC of the Education Department. Along with this, it has also been revealed that the school and college in the ashram has not been registered for three years from the beginning of registration. For this, the Department of Child Rights issued the notice too. The ashram at Alivas has remained on many Bigha lands. It has Gurukul, College and Residential Area. There is also a children’s living arrangement here.

Many bigha is built on the ground ashram

– There is a lot of irregularity in the register maintained by the commission’s team here. Where are the girls studying in Gurukul are supposed to live? Did not get this information too. The Commission has also prepared its report.

– Suman Sharma told that the girls present in the ashram have arrived here from Kotra near Udaipur two days ago. According to the toothache, there are 800 children but there is no record of this. Just written the name in a copy. There are also different names in the name of the father and some other affidavits. Girls’ age is also wrong. These girls were very scared.

– Sharma said that there are some people from his team there. In this one himself is the principal and the other one is the cashier. When he asked for the NOC of the Education Department in connection with the school, he did not get any paper of any kind.

Notice to Gurukul in 2016

– According to the information, Gurukul was running without registration since 2015. On September 14, 2016, a notice was also sent from the Department of Child Rights but there was no registration even after this. The department had also asked the child welfare committee to respond to this negligence. Earlier there was a registration in 2013.

– Datta Madan had also reached Delhi Crime Branch office on Friday.

– Datta Madan has accused a girl of her ashram for her misdeeds. After this, the remaining activities of the ashram are also under investigation.

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