Bill in non-military aid to Pak in the US, MPs say- do not concern those who protect terrorists


Since the 9/11 attacks, the US has given help to Pakistan $ 34 billion (about 2 lakh 31 thousand crore rupees).

Washington. In the US Congress, a non-military aid bill has been introduced to Pakistan. MPs presenting the bill said that the country which provides shelter to terrorists provides military and intelligence to them, the question of giving help to them does not arise. It was also said that the help given to Pakistan will be imposed in the development of America.

US government will oppose bill

According to News Agency, the bill was introduced by South Carolina MP Mark Steinford and Kentucky MP Thomas Massey.

  • This bill opposes the US State Department and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to send money from US taxpayers to Pakistan.
  • This fund will be used to build a road in the US Highways Trust Fund.
  • After the 9/11 attacks, US has provided 34 billion dollars (about 2 lakh 31 thousand crores) to Pakistan, in which 2017 was valued at $ 526 million (about 3382 million rupees).

World knows, Pak gives shelter to terrorists

  • Both MPs accused Pakistan of not only sheltering terrorists but also providing resources to them.
  •  Massey said that the US should not give money to any government that helps the terrorists. Instead, millions of dollars of our people should be used in that country, instead the money should be set in making roads in our own country.
  • Sanford said that when Americans support another country, it does not mean that our money should be rewarded by terrorists.
  • “If all goes well then the Highway Trust Fund will be $ 111 billion by 2016, which will help us improve our infrastructure.”

US helped prevent 1626 crores

  • On January 2, the U.S. had stopped the military aid (military help) of $ 255 million (according to Indian currency, about 1626 million rupees) to Pakistan. The White House also confirmed it.
  • This action was done a day after the charges against President Donald Trump of Pakistan on behalf of the US.
  • On January 1, Trump had accused Pakistan of betraying US $ 33 billion (2.14 lakh crores) in 15 years in the name of the end of terrorism, despite it being cheating.

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