Ajay Oli, walking around for two and a half years, is encouraging children to study instead of begging


Ludhiana : Everyone has won only for his happiness, but nobody can do the same for the happiness of others. I want to free this proverb in my life, free from child labor and child bagging. 29 September 2015 started this campaign with barefoot hiking. I have traveled 12,500 kilometers on foot and the local conventions and footpaths have so far traveled 81,000 kilometers.

First of all, start with your city and have been successful in it. Encouraged by this After this, went to UP, Uttarakhand, Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and Bihar. Started on January 6 for Punjab from Patiala. After reaching Ludhiana on Wednesday after Patiala, Chandigarh. It is to say that 26 year old Ajay Oli, resident of Uttarakhand Pithoragarh,


At present, he is a motivational counselor. At the same time, they are completing their PhD in Social Welfare, but by 2015 they were doing business in Event Management. During this time, worrying about the children increased and decided to do social work. They say that this is not the government but the work of society. We need people to be awake.

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