A woman driving a car collided with seven trains, crushed a woman walking on foot


Jalandhar. On Tuesday afternoon, a 55-year-old woman driving a high speed car hit several vehicles and crushed the pedestrians. A woman was killed in the accident, while many including a policeman were seriously injured. After the incident the police arrested the accused woman.

Police said that the name of the accused woman is Vimal. He lives in the football square. The incident happened at around 12 o’clock in Jyoti Chowk, the busy area of ​​the city. The accused woman was driving towards the Jyoti Chowk. During this time the car got uncontrollable The fastest car hit a car, a cashwoman, a bullet bike, and two activa riders and two vertical scooties. After this there crushed a woman walking on the pedestal, in which she died on the spot.

The deceased woman has been identified as Irradi Begum wife MD Khalid. Besides, four-five people, including a scooter rider Amit Jain (45), his daughter Chetana (22), a policeman named Pankaj Kumar, who was riding on a bullet bike, were injured. All of them have been admitted to a nearby hospital.

A shopkeeper, who is also the eyewitness to the incident, told that the driver of the car was attacking many vehicles from behind. In front of his shop, the car crushed a woman walking on foot. The police has registered a case against the accused woman.

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